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Create a regal space

A luxurious home doesn't have to cover more than 100 acres or have been home to monarchs. With a few adjustments and additions, your home can become regal and grand in no time. Check out these decorating tips to transform your humble abode into a sumptuous royal palace.

Regal colours


In art and design, amethyst, and violet in general, are often used to bring richness to a space, violet being a very noble colour both in its history and in its saturation.


In interior design, dark red can add warmth to your space, or make a distinguished accent.


Black is known for adding a dramatic, melancholy dimension to a table or space, but will constantly be accompanied by smooth, silky, luxurious renderings.

Start by choosing a primary colour that resonates with your personality and your space. This could be a precious amethyst, an intense dark red or timeless black. To add depth and personality to your space, introduce secondary colours that complement your main choice. For example, red goes particularly well with powder pinks, cool greys, soft browns and most neutrals.