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Create a vibrant space

Our home is where we spend 2/3 of our time, so it's vital that we don't get bored and feel good. To achieve this, it's possible and even recommended to add a touch of energy to our interior, particularly through decoration.

Several of the Cristallerie de Montbronn colours can bring that touch of pop, energy and youth that your space needs:

Vibrant colours


Azure is a colour that inspires vigour, youth and dreaminess, making it the perfect summer colour in particular.


Amber is an energising, inspiring and joyful colour. The colour of the sun, it's the colour to introduce into your space to make it brighter.


A quintessential spring colour, pink has no shortage of energy or fun factor, but can also be made more delicate.

Start by choosing a primary colour that resonates with your personality and your space. This could be a cheerful amber, a dreamy azure or a bright pink. To add depth and personality to your space, introduce secondary colours that complement your main choice. For example, if you've chosen our magnificent azure, consider accents of coral, amber or precious white.