Replica of the Duchess of Berry's armchair designed and manufactured in the Cristallerie de Montbronn workshops. Exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the armchair and the dressing table are avant-garde pieces. Apart from the frame of the seat, this furniture does not include wood since it is entirely made up of hand-cut crystal slabs or bronze pieces.

Drawing on ancestral know-how, the cutters and polishers of the Cristallerie de Montbronn have redesigned, sculpted and polished this piece. The belt of the armchair is made up of crystal plates cut into diamond points. Legs, armrests and backrests are also made of crystal.

The bronze pieces come from the molds of Cristallerie de Montbronn and are welded in a bronze workshop dedicated to making these majestic pieces. Thoroughness and rigor are the key words of this workshop. Indeed, each bronze piece is designed and adapted to the crystal so that these two materials become one. When the work on the material is complete, the bronze pieces are immersed in a bath of 24-carat gold.

The realization of this piece required the intervention of an upholsterer-decorator from the Grand Est region. Through its mastery, its know-how, its knowledge of materials and styles, Upholsterer Schall has worked with the original fabric and gold thread fringes to enhance this exceptional piece.

Dimensions: Height: 95 cm Length: 66 cm Width: 56 cm Weight: 70 kg Certified manufacture Cristallerie de Montbronn

Our exceptional pieces

Each bronze piece from the Cristallerie de Montbronn is made and assembled by hand with passion and technicality by our master bronzier. Thanks to a considerable inventory of moulds, drawings and references in bronze, which constitute an invaluable heritage, Cristallerie de Montbronn continues to produce and create models in bronze covered with gold, silver, black chrome or gold. pink.

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tailor-made creation

Small workshop made up of about twenty people, women and men are animated by the accompaniment and the realization of tailor-made product. Together we are delighted to create a unique crystal product to match your project.

Adorn a piece with an engraving or monogram, decline a model from a wide range of 13 colours, choose the precious finish of our bronze pieces or even create a brand new piece… These are all possibilities available to you.

The only limit is your imagination.

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