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Collection Megève - Cristallerie de Montbronn

Megève collection

A… special collection. Mégève has the luxury of having its own shape, which it does not share with any other collection. It is inspired by traditional Alsatian glass in its minimalist expanse, and gets its name from the charming Alpine village. Its exceptional shape is accompanied by a delicate bevelled cut that rises irregularly from the bottom part of the glass, making the result all the more artistic and sumptuous.

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Sold outMegève - Verre à eau - Cristallerie de Montbronn-Verre à eau
Megève - Verre à vin rouge - Cristallerie de Montbronn-Verre à vin rouge
Megève - Verre à vin blanc - Cristallerie de Montbronn-Verre à vin blanc
Megève - Flûte à champagne - Cristallerie de Montbronn-Flûte à champagne
Megève - Chope haute - Cristallerie de Montbronn-Chope haute
Megève - Cognac - Cristallerie de Montbronn-Cognac