vodka cellar

Globe collection

Entirely imagined and designed by our team of tailors and our bronzier, this exceptional piece is distinguished by the precision of its engravings and its deep color.

Every detail has been crafted in our workshops, from the bronze frame made from our own molds to the hand-sandblasted terrestrial decoration on the crystal globe.

The bronze frame covered with gold highlights the exotic side of the piece, the globe is raised thanks to 3 feet in the shape of fish.

This piece is intended to accommodate 6 vodka glasses as well as caviar in its center.

Flagship product of our masterpieces, this majestic and unique vodka cellar required many hours of work and research.

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Wall lights


Born from the imagination of the famous architects - decorators Marquis & François and from the expertise of the Cristallerie de Montbronn house, this unique work pays homage to the fountains of Place Stanislas in Nancy (East of France).

Crafted in dark gray double crystal and embossed with a double layer of frosted glass. This wall lamp brings together all our ancestral know-how: engraving, sandblasting, polishing and size.

The precision of the decoration and the nuances of colors reveals the complexity of its manufacture.

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Low table

Collection Io

Designed and imagined by Mathilde Meinau , an industrial designer specializing in crystal, this sleek and contemporary coffee table stands out for its light and geometric size.

Other models are currently being manufactured...

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Decorative panels

Checkerboard collection

Interplay of texture and reflection, space panels are modern pieces ideal for decorating your interiors.

That of the Damier collection is made up of more than 300 fragments of raw crystal. Born from a work of precision and rigor, this piece never ceases to amaze.

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Royal collection

Designed with reference to the famous cannage motif of Maison Christian Dior, this slim and delicate vase reveals the level of excellence of our master tailors.

Other shapes and size models are available on the following page: Vases – Cristallerie de Montbronn (

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large vase

Palm Collection

Developed to decorate the largest decoration salons in the world, this vase is the largest piece made by the Cristallerie de Montbronn with a height of almost 2 meters.

The Palm tree vase consists of a crystal trunk decorated with a sophisticated and modern size in light red color as well as foliage consisting of 9 branches and 130 leaves in bronze.

This extraordinary piece is distinguished by the black chrome finish of the bronze parts.

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Duchess Collection

Replica of the Duchess of Berry's armchair designed and manufactured in the Cristallerie de Montbronn workshops.

Exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the armchair is an avant-garde piece.

Apart from the frame of the seat, this furniture does not include wood since it is entirely made up of hand-cut crystal slabs or bronze pieces.

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Duchess Collection

Exact replica of the Duchesse de Berry dressing table designed and manufactured in the Cristallerie de Montbronn workshops in early 2015.

The original dressing table is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

All the materials used, including bronze and crystal, were made in our workshops.

The crystal has been carved and polished by crystal cutters and polishers using their exceptional craftsmanship. The bronze comes from the molds of Cristallerie de Montbronn and is welded in a bronze workshop dedicated to making these majestic pieces.

The entire production required approximately 1000 hours of work to recreate this exceptional piece.

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