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Article: Cool for the summer

Cool for the summer - Cristallerie de Montbronn

Cool for the summer

Summer is here! And in fashion as well as in design, it comes with fun and vibrant colors. With vintage and retro aesthetics back in style, flashy and pigmented colours are making an unprecedented comeback.

Among these colours, one shade stands out as a must-have in design: azure blue. This month, Cristallerie de Montbronn invites you to discover this colour with historical notions and design tips, as well as through our most vibrant collections.


Our selection


         Azure is a shade of blue indicating vigor, youthfulness, and an exceptional dreaminess that makes it a vibrant summer color. It is much discussed in the colorist and shade guide professions because of its infinite uses and timeless qualities.

Zig-Zag is a thoroughly modern vase that embraces the ideas and qualities of azure blue: modern, refreshing, and bold, Zig-Zag presents a particularly youthful and advanced design while honoring the rich material of crystal and the craftsmanship of our teams, making it an ideal summer piece.

Azure Crystal Twist Vases
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Presenting a perfect balance between blue, green, and yellow, azure will also bring balance to your mind: this colour is known for its serene effects and bringing stability to the mind. That being said, it can also bring energy and cheerfulness to your space, triggering creativity and implying a fresh and sometimes even exotic effect.

Our Nil vase particularly relates to this notion and feeling of exoticism, with its bold, tropical design making it an elegant work of art with ancient references. Moreover, its geometric and modern design easily compliments the azure and its contemporary intentions.

Azure crystal vase from the Nil collection

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Looking for THE masterpiece that will complete your fresh and invigorating new space? Our exceptional Palmier vase is the perfect candidate for the role. Majestic and grandiose, this vase is inspired by the most precious palm trees to make of your space a real event. Adorned with our Azure coloured crystal, it will shine next to your wonderful floors, walls, or bright white furniture, for an exceptional summer aesthetic.

More information on our majestic Palm tree vase



The entire team at Cristallerie de Montbronn wishes you an exceptional summer and patiently awaits your feedback in comments below, or in photos on Instagram and Pinterest under the hashtag #crystalsummer !