Hello September!

While the page of the calendar turns and reveals the month of September, the Cristallerie de Montbronn welcomes the start of the new school year with open arms and offers you in this month of renewal an article devoted to its most modern and advanced collections.

In interior design, the “modern” style is visually synonymous with “straight to the point”. The lines, cuts, materials and colors do not cheat: they are straight, elegant, sharp. Geometry and the net are the two master concepts of this style of decoration, but they are also attached to architecture or fashion.

The Cristallerie de Montbronn expands its know-how and its horizons through the creation of new collections with a modern look and wishes to show the timeless quality of crystal.

our selection


            What's more modern than an intrepid and precise junction? The Alya collection stands on our new, ultra-modern looking Fusion shape. The parison of the glass adopts a flat and delicately advanced surface and is followed by fine and slender flat ribs, all separated by a precise and geometric cut. Ideal for a modern or retro table, the Alya collection shines even more when placed on a table with neutral and cold colors such as white.

Aliya Collection


Geometry, structure, and elegance at the same time, will be the key words of a successful interior decoration in the contemporary. Our Osmose vase will perfectly fulfill the role of centerpiece of your interior and pronounces an advanced modernity due to its unequaled geometry as well as its precise lines. Its precious sanding also makes the whole look of the room, attracting all eyes and enhancing the neighboring materials of your furniture.

Osmosis Vase


    Distinguished, confident, and sophisticated: the Maestro collection stands out with its supple, rose-like geometry. Ideal for any interior, this collection has chameleon capabilities due to its ultra-modern size and traditional shape. This also makes it perfect for any contemporary interior where the dominant materials remain metal, concrete, and glass.

    Associated with contemporary furniture such as furniture or designer objects, or other artistic pieces sublimating the immaculate white of modern walls, Maestro will sparkle even more and bring design and class to your space.


    The entire Cristallerie de Montbronn team wishes you a pleasant return to school and is only waiting for your call to accompany it in the creation of new unique luxury pieces and in its constant evolution.

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