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A DE’FRIGHT’FUL CANDY NIGHT - Cristallerie de Montbronn


Boo! Halloween is just around the corner - and what better occasion to bring out delicious crystal candy boxes filled with your sweetest delicacies?

Cristallerie de Montbronn announces this October the release of its brand new candy boxes, taking the shape of a festive pumpkin. Available in clear crystal or in every one of our 12 colours, these 5 new candy boxes are THE elegant touch that will make your autumn decoration a real work of design. Discover them now!


Inspired by the world of music, the Cantate collection is the ideal multi-artistic reference. Composed of diamond and flat cut cuts, the Cantate candy box also offers a unique dexterity and a bold design, perfect for a "spicy" touch.


Balanced and bold, the Opérette candy box is sure to please any eye it meets. Large, flat cuts dress the candy box and shine even more brightly due to the spherical shape. Meticulous lace-like detailing nestles between the graceful flat cuts in order to add the necessary boldness to the iconic piece. Ideal for a more graceful and magnified touch.


Inspired by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and her personal tableware, the Viktoria candy box features precious adamantine and beveled cuts offering the richest refractory qualities. Its precious inlay band not only acts as an exquisite visual highlight but also as a separation of the two parts of the candy box. The favorite of the more classic personalities.


The Spiccato collection by Cristallerie de Montbronn is inspired by the Italian musical technique of the same name and reflects it in its intricate design: fine flat cuts rise from the bottom of the piece, making way to a graceful crown of precious gold and immaculate silver, contrasting the glittering crystal in a unique way. A design that perfectly matches the spherical shape of our new candy boxes for an even more charming look.


Seductive and luxurious, the Wien candy box will sublimate any table, sideboard or other piece of furniture to which you pair it with. Cut with diamonds, bevels and pearls that combine skillfully in a bold design, Wien sparkles with the refractory qualities of our quality crystal and is ready to welcome your most colorful dishes.

The entire team at Cristallerie de Montbronn wishes you a terrifying Halloween and looks forward to your feedback on our delicious candy boxes.