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JANUARY BLUES - Cristallerie de Montbronn


2023 is here, and January marks the end of the holiday season. We can now say goodbye to the red and green and see them next year! It's time to change our interior decoration to accompany us in our new morals. Particularly cold and rainy, the current winter makes you want to stay inside and warm. And what better way to inspire us than with majestic pieces of sparkling crystal? So this month, Cristallerie de Montbronn is highlighting its precious dark blue color, rich in history, symbolism, and psychology.

Dark blue can often be confused with navy blue, as they are closely related. Yet the cool, deep shade of dark blue is unique enough to stand on its own. It is a learned color and particularly effective in inspiring and stimulating the human brain, especially when shaped with careful cutting.

Zurich Collection

The name "dark blue" was first used in 1915. This hue is named for its resemblance to the very dark blue of a night sky around the full moon. Although the name of this colour is relatively new, midnight blue skies can be seen in Vincent Van Gogh's works from the 1800s, such as Starry Night.

In the 1920s, the Duke of Windsor in England, Edward VIII (1894-1972), popularized dark blue as the colour of choice for suits and tuxedos. He believed that, unlike black, dark blue evening wear would allow photographs to capture the subtle details of the tailor, such as pockets, lapels and buttons, and thus enhance his sartorial status in the press.

Verre en cristal de la Cristallerie de Montbronn de la collection Zurich en bleu foncé.

The Zurich collection features a richly detailed design, its multiple and intricate sizes perfectly displaying our coloured crystal for an inspiring finish and a high-end look.

Richelieu Vase

Dark blue is often used to represent elegance, authority and intelligence. It is a versatile and timeless colour. Its very dark hue means it can be treated as a neutral colour, and matches most shades.

Synonymous with sophistication and elegance, its connection to formal occasions and royalty means it conveys power and authority. According to colour psychology, blue is associated with confidence and trustworthiness; its darker shades, in particular, are linked to authority and intelligence.

The Richelieu vase pays homage to the historic French city of the same name, a particularly fitting name since this vase will make any venue a rich event. Its multiple sizes and their combination exude unprecedented craftsmanship and grace. In interior design, an accent of dark blue can give a room a refined feel. Finally, it is the ideal candidate when black is too severe.

Chenonceaux Rose Bowl

Dark blue works well with a wide range of colours because of its neutrality. It works well to create a luxurious winter palette alongside deep reds, but is easily brightened up when paired with bright oranges and pinks. Complementary to olive green, it also works well with yellow for a "starry sky" effect or deep purples.
An event in itself, the Chenonceaux ball vase is ideal for admirers of the collection looking for a more timid piece. Chenonceaux is inspired by the French commune of the same name and its architecturally intrepid castle. Large, imposing flat rounded ribs serve as pillars for the precious vase, mimicking the bold bridges that adorn the foundations of the historic castle. A delicate laurel wreath of fine crystal bevels adorns the top of the vase, finishing the design and providing a final distinguished look.
This new vase shape also pairs particularly well with our quality color-lined crystal, the refractory qualities of the crystal being further enhanced by its bold curves.

Big things are coming in 2023 as our creative and technical teams work skillfully to create new, unique and exceptional pieces and collections. Don't miss out on any news and start the year in an organized way by subscribing to our newsletter now!

Best wishes for this new year from the entire team at Cristallerie de Montbronn. ✨