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CRYSTAL'S BURNING PASSION - Cristallerie de Montbronn


February, the month of love and cold!
Did you know why February is the shortest month of the year? In the Roman calendar, in order to pay tribute to Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus, an extra day was added to the months of July (for Julius) and August (Augustus). From then on, two days were removed at the end of the year, therefore in February, which was at the time the last month because the Roman calendar started the year at the beginning of spring, on March 1st.

In contemporary culture, the month of February is mostly celebrated for Valentine's Day. While Cristallerie de Montbronn considers every day of the year as a celebration, we have chosen to highlight some particularly seasonal pieces in this month of love.



Share an intimate moment of exception for Valentine's Day by conversing around our precious Circé glasses. Bewitching, the charm they possess is not only figurative but also literal. The Circé collection is inspired by Greek mythology and its protagonists. With multiple references, Circé takes its name from the powerful Greek enchantress who helped Odysseus in his odyssey, but her design refers directly to the scales of the mermaids whose charms he will have to fight. By the fire or on your gracious table, Circé glasses are the ones not to be missed at the beginning of the year.


A privileged moment for two awaits you with our exceptional chess set. Real metaphor for human relations, the chess game was born in India around the 5th century. Throughout history, it has adapted to the technical and social evolutions of society to finally arrive at the iconic board game we know today. A true work of art, Cristallerie de Montbronn has decided to honor the rich history and complexity of the game of chess with the release of a brand new exceptional set combining the precious materials of choice: crystal, black wood, velvet and bronze. A new masterpiece that can be entirely personalized, according to the client's wishes. Moreover, it is the ideal gift for an original desire that can be shared.

Discover it now on our website.



And that's not all! In anticipation of Valentine's Day, a variety of products can be found on our site in our current favorites. Take a look at them!