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Ceate a natural space

There's no substitute for spending time outdoors. But for the growing number of people who can't find the time to get out and enjoy the outside world, there is a desire to experience more of the natural world, even indoors.

For those looking to incorporate a little of nature's beauty into their home environment, here are a few colours to help you achieve that effect:

Natural colours


Green is the most common colour in nature, and including it in your interior space will immediately give you a feeling of freedom.


Amber is an energising, inspiring and joyful colour. The colour of the sun, it's the colour to introduce into your space to make it brighter.


Extremely versatile, dark green will add the perfect natural, calming touch to your home.

Start with a base of neutral, natural tones, then layer on more or less colour. A soothing base of soft, neutral tones is the ideal starting point for a natural home. Some of us feel more comfortable living in subtle colours, while others prefer a palette of bright colours.

A natural home, whether monochrome or coloured, has a base of soft, neutral colours that are soothing and naturally relaxing, like most greens.