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The pastel green of our glasses is a vibrant colour similar to that of citrus fruit, lemon green.

The first use of the term 'lime green' as a colour dates back to 1890. However, it wasn't until the 1970s that the colour was finally popularised as "the most colourful decade in fashion". A few decades later, lime green and its overflowing energy is back in fashion and is now one of the top choices for a vibrant colour.

Closely associated with nature, self-confidence and high energy, this colour is thought to promote feelings of freshness, creativity and liveliness. Its invigorating hue makes lime green a colour for summer, and even spring, depending on its combinations.

For more information on the primary colour green, we invite you to consult the section devoted to our dark green colour.

How & why to use it?

An exact mid-point between yellow and green, lime green therefore has two shades, making it a green with yellow undertones.

Lighter greens like this are associated with freshness and creativity. They can have a much more inspiring and energising effect than darker shades of green. Too much lime green in a space can be nauseating to the human eye, but simple, discreet touches like those emitted by our crystal pieces will add vigour, brightness and energy to any room.

With what colours?

Both yellow and green, this colour works well with both warm and cool colours, such as yellows and blues, creating a variety of colour palette possibilities.