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As its name suggests, this colour is a very dark shade of red with bewitching values.

Red was the first colour to be developed for painting and tinting. In ancient times, red was associated with war, wealth and power. During the Middle Ages, red held both religious significance (the blood of Christ) and, more secularly, signified love, glory and beauty. After the French Revolution, red gained in significance, now also associated with progressive movements. Dark red is a particularly intense shade of red, but also less vibrant, being less radical in these previously mentioned associations.

Dark red is considered to be one of the coldest shades of red, and can therefore be considered an autumn or winter colour.

How & why should i use it?

Like all reds, dark red is thought to increase appetite, boost adrenalin and raise blood pressure. As a result, this colour is widely used in restaurants. That said, dark red is very versatile and can be used for a variety of occasions. In interior design, dark red can add warmth to your space, or make a distinguished accent.

With what colours?

Powdery pinks, cool greys, soft browns and neutrals can all go perfectly with dark red. It also pairs well with all kinds of cool neutrals, such as white. On a complementary level, dark blue and gold are the two colours considered complementary to dark red.