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Champagne flute


No material is more poetic than crystal. Its very design is exceptionally lyrical : a fusion of the purest earth, fine, immaculate sand, and a perfect refraction of sunlight. Moreover, crystal is a real poem, hence the name of our famous Cantate collection. A “cantate” is a lyrical poem meant to be sung and set to music, just like the crystal glass that is waiting to be filled with your most delicious nectar. The Cantate glass is particularly graceful because of its combination of meticulous and delicate cuts: large flat cuts support the pristine diamonds that make up the bowl of the glass. The whole is crowned with a precious hand-painted gold double line for a rich and lyrical effect.

  • Cantate is available in clear crystal, or in each of our 13 colors.
  • The adding of gold and/or of our other precious finishes includes a visual, creative and technical added value, for an overall richer and more elegant finish.
  • The diamond cut is ideal for a classic and rich rendering, and boasts about its refractorial qualities as well as its precise and delicate geometry.
  • The flat cuts cut, used since the XIXth century and popularized in the XXth, offers a variety of usages in a timeless manner for the setting of a traditional or resolutely modern table.
  • The whole is blown, cut and polished thoroughly by our devoted and crystal-loving experts.

      Reference: R238109

      Height: 22 cm
      Diameter: 6 cm
      Capacity: 12 cl
      Weight: 320 g

      Design: Timeless

      Precious finish: With

      At Cristallerie de Montbronn, each order is the subject of intensive and meticulous study and attention. Our customers and their satisfaction are our priorities. An artisanal company committed to preventing waste, Cristallerie de Montbronn has been working for several years now on an on-demand basis, not only in order to avoid waste or polluting mass production, but also in order to be able to make each order a precise study of the customer, his desires, and to bring the greatest respect.

      How is the order made?

      As soon as your basket is validated and your order placed, our administrative and commercial team carries out a precise study of it, before sending it to the production workshop where each product to be created will be listed. In order to reduce as much as possible the polluting commitment required by a crystal manufacturing plant, the order will be processed according to the state of our stock.

      Two possibilities then open up:

      - The requested product is present in our stock and only requires cold cutting work where our master tailors take care of the making of your product.

      - The requested product is not available in our stock and requires the launch of a hot work production; blowing, the lead time of which can vary from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the color, shape, customization of the product, etc.

      Cristallerie de Montbronn brings the greatest respect to each order and product; and positions itself against mass production in order to create unique and handmade luxurious pieces which require a long manufacturing process.

      Finally, each product is certified by a Cristallerie de Montbronn stamp.

      How is the delivery going?

      As the products are manufactured, a meticulous and expert quality control process takes place for each piece before being validated and sent to the packing station. Each product is meticulously wrapped in tissue paper before being delicately placed in a luxurious box displaying our colors, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

      When the order is ready, our teams contact the carrier who comes directly to collect the goods from our workshops. Delivery times vary depending on the carrier and your location.

      In short, Cristallerie de Montbronn engages in made-to-order manufacturing for not only environmental but also human reasons, trust and transparency in the relationship with our customers being the top priority. This implies longer manufacturing and delivery times but which ensures personalized, precise and ecological production.

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